Don't get caught: Don't traffic

Most cell phone companies have hired private investigators who work with their internal fraud and security departments to put the squeeze on traffickers. There are many ways traffickers are discovered. Investigators use electronic and human surveillance tactics and often go undercover to catch suspects. Traffickers may never know who is watching them – until they are caught.

Don’t get caught – don’t traffic in cell phones.

Go Green

Don’t confuse trafficking with recycling. Everyone wants to keep our air, land and water clean and avoid pollution. When you’re ready for a new cell phone, give your old phone to a charity or check out the consumer recycling information on the CTIA website. If you want to change your wireless provider, you can often keep your phone. Call your service provider and ask about porting your phone.

Traffickers make money by reselling new phones, and stealing the subsidies that are intended to make them affordable for legitimate consumers.